Tonga Hanging Baskets - Set of 6

1,380 ₪

These original flat palm tree leaves baskets are ideal for wall hanging, adding texture and a natural feel to your wall. Handmade by the BaTonga people at the Binga district and considered the apex of the basketmaker's art in Zimbabwe. Baskets start as a woven square and end up round. They are dyed with natural materials and are used to winnow grain, even today. 

Each basket takes about 2-4 days of work.
Colors - Organic dyed brown tones & natural shades.

Note -  You will get the baskets from the first image and there is only one set. Tonga baskets are made by hand and from natural materials. Slight differences and imperfections are part of the product and give the product a unique look.

Didn't find the right combination for you? No problem! Drop us a message on Instagram and we will find you the right one.

Dimensions & Care
Measurements -
3 Units - M - Dia 31-35cm / 12-14".
1 Units - L - Dia 41-45cm / 16-18".
1 Unit - XL - Dia 51-55cm / 20"-22".
1 Unit - XXL - Dia 56 -60cm / 22"-24".
Care - Vacuum carefully or wipe with a dry cloth. Avoid direct sunlight or humidity.
How to hang - Baskets come with a hanging loop.

Ilala palm is a species of palm tree native to the eastern Afrotropics. This plant has for many centuries, in addition to providing weaving materials, been used for many other needs. The palm fronds are sustainably harvested and traded to the weavers. The weavers pull the palm fronds into strips and dye the strips utilizing seasonal fruits, roots, and barks of specific trees to obtain a variety of colors - a technique that is handed down from old masters to young ones.

Ilala palm leaf  sustainable material for wall decor

Our partners in the north part of Zimbabwe are the Tonga people, an ethnic group of 300,000 people, who are famous for their Tonga baskets. We work with their collective center, which also helps them with farming, honey production, nutrition gardens, savings and lending clubs, health sensitization projects among other initiatives.“It is also about community development because we want our empowered members to live in empowered communities” one member says.

artisan center in zimbabwe for binga baskets

Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly

We look for beautiful objects that are good for the environment and our well being. Our products are natural and eco-friendly.

Hand Made

Hand Made

We searched for the best artisans who preserve old crafts passed down from generation to generation, creating handmade wall decor.

Ethically Made

Ethically Made

We work with local collectives and families to ensure their well being, sustaining their craft and paying respect to their traditions.

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