Amber Bamboo & Rattan Baskets - Set of 9

400 ₪

Are you interested in the body-mind philosophy problem? Get inspired by these elegant rattan-bamboo hanging set that has a beautiful depth and interesting textures. On your bedroom walls or children's rooms.
Set includes baskets trays and a fan.  All made of rattan and bamboo, each has its own depth and textures - which makes it ideal for big (statement) walls. Make your own composition or take our suggestion as your inspiration (we won't say anything :)

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Color - Natural shades.
Note -  Our products are made by hand and from natural materials. Slight differences and imperfections are part of the product and give the product a unique look.
Dimensions & Care

Measurements -
3 Unit - Dia 15cm/6".
3 Units - Dia 22cm/8.5".
1 Unit - Dia 35cm/13.5".
1 Unit "sun" - Dia 52cm/20".
1 Unit hand fan - 50/62cm. 
Care - Vacuum carefully or wipe with a dry cloth. Avoid direct sunlight or humidity.
How to hang - Baskets come with a hanging loop.

Bamboo is the popular name for a tribe of grasses, Bambuseae, which are large, often tree-like, with woody stems. Bamboo is a sustainable material, easy to design with because it is elastic and cannot break. It grows naturally and it is an eco-friendly material.

bamboo field raw material for wall decor

Our partners in Vietnam are artisans who work mainly with bamboo and ratan plants, mostly farmers who make their products in their homes, with family members - therefore they are free to work in the fields or their homes depends on their decision. Designing with Rattan and Bamboo - they are concerned about protecting the environment, working only with biodegradable and natural materials, and trying to minimize and optimize production processes and water waste.

artisan lady from vietnam weaving wall basket

Rattan is part of the plant family of the Arecaceae, a close relative of the palm tree. It grows originally in the tropical jungles of Africa, Asia, and Australia and is one of the strongest woods available and can grow as high as 30 meters. Rattan is one of the more sustainable materials available because it is easily renewable and the impact of its sourcing can be considered close to zero.

Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly

We look for beautiful objects that are good for the environment and our well being. Our products are natural and eco-friendly.

Hand Made

Hand Made

We searched for the best artisans who preserve old crafts passed down from generation to generation, creating handmade wall decor.

Ethically Made

Ethically Made

We work with local collectives and families to ensure their well being, sustaining their craft and paying respect to their traditions.

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