Tare Driftwood Necklace L

280 ₪

What constitutes humanity? Is it nature or culture? And why do we need to choose between the two? Case in point: our TARE DRIFTWOOD NECKLACE This is an example of an artifact that combines nature and culture and proves that both are what make us human.

This beautiful artwork is made of driftwood found on the shore in Indonesia, then it's attached to one another in the shape of a natural look necklace.

Color - Natural shades.
Note - Our products are made by hand and from natural materials. Slight differences and imperfections are part of the product and give the product a unique look.
Dimensions & Care
Hoop -
Dia - 30cm/12".
Total length - 55cm/20".
Care - Vacuum carefully or wipe with a dry cloth. Avoid direct sunlight or humidity.
How to hang - Use hoop for hanging.

We use legal wood through a program of the Ministry of Forestry to ensure clarity of the source of wood. All the wood we use comes from sustainable plantations in Indonesia and not from natural forests. Another source we use is driftwood, a wood that has been washed onto a shore or beach of a sea, lake, or river by the action of winds, tides, or waves - making it sustainable and eco-friendly.

raw legal wood material for wall decor

Our Artisan Partners in Bali, an island in Indonesia, design and produce their products as part of a long time tradition that passes from generation to generation. They earn a fair wage for their intricate work, have access to life-changing services including soft loans, sanitary plumbing, farming support, and even access to cows that help agriculture thrive.

artisans ladies weaving sustainable wall baskets in indonesia

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