The Baskets Wall Trend

You don't need to be a trend forecaster to know that wall baskets are a thing now. Log into Instagram and look for #basketwalls, you"ll find more than 33K pictures, or browse some good lifestyle magazines and notice how wall baskets became a thing.



"When I started looking to put something unique on my walls durings the first days of COVID-19, I was browsing Instagram and other platforms and noticed these beautiful hand woven baskets that started popping on walls of cool interiors'', say Lavi Zadok,  the founder of Reumawalls. "I like the way it makes your walls stand out, with natural textures the coziness it brings and the way you can combine it and make it very personal".



The trend is also part of a bigger design wave that swept the world in recent years: the green ethnical style that brings handmade sustainable artifacts indoors, telling the story of artisans and makers through their designs and creations. “When I searched for wall decor objects, I came across amazing artisans from Rwanda, Eswatini, Zimbabwe, Vietnam or Indonesia. I felt that I found people who make their craft as part of a tradition, passed down from generation to generation. Not only do they make everything by hand, they also create things that are sustainable and green. A true Tribal design that is beautiful and thoughtful”.



"It's easy to explain the popular trend", continues Zadok. "We live in times when we're mostly at home, and we want not only beautiful things around us, but also we look for meaningful objects to surround us. Wall baskets are the perfect solution: they are unique, they aren't expensive, and the great thing about it is that you can make your own wall with adding several baskets that cater to your style"



Beside the fact that wall baskets are beautiful decor objects, they are also green and sustainable, adding another layer of natural charm to the walls - something that makes them stand out in a world of mass produced objects that have no soul and look the same everywhere. "When I look at my walls'', says Zadok, "It's not only beautiful, it's telling stories of other cultures and people, postcards from other worlds".