Basket Wall - DIY

We love wall baskets, and browsing Instagram or Pinterest makes it easy to follow and get inspired. But still, if you do think about creating your own basket wall, here are some good tips for beginners:

  1. Before you hang baskets on the wall, lay your baskets on the floor and play around with the composition. 

  1. The rule of 3: odd numbers are always better! It doesn't matter how many baskets you put, but as a general rule, odd numbers look better: 3,5,7 baskets for example. Even numbers create symmetry but odd numbers create interest!


  1. Always start with the largest basket and then group together smaller size baskets around it.


  1. Group baskets in an asymmetrical arrangement, and don't forget to leave some space in between (alternatively you can overlap some of the edges if you wish). The idea is to create a more natural movement on your wall.


  1. Mix it. When putting together an arrangement - incorporate baskets of different shapes, sizes and textures. Select baskets that are woven differently or have different types of material or colors.  Try also to balance the mix with different tones.


  1. As a general rule, the center of the artwork you put on walls should be at eye level, about 60 inches (1.55m) of the floor. If there is furniture underneath, the artwork should never be longer than the furniture beneath it. A good size is about two thirds the size of the furniture.


In conclusion, Home design is not math, and there is no one right answer here. Once we have learned the basic rules, we can always "break" them. After all, it is you who live in your home, and it is your taste that matters. You can always log on to Instagram and Pinterest, get inspired and look for new ideas, and finally, post your wall (don’t forget to tag us!) so others can learn from you. Enjoy the journey!